There are many ways to offer condolences to someone who has lost a loved one including sending a sympathy gift. Sympathy flowers and sympathy plants are two of the most frequently given condolence gifts. Which one is right for your occasion?



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What Sympathy Flowers and Plants Both Make Excellent Condolence Gifts

The intention of a sympathy gift is to show someone grieving the loss of a loved one that you are thinking of them. Sending a beautiful floral arrangement or plant makes an excellent sympathy gift for many reasons. It is a meaningful gesture that shows someone you care. Both flowers and plants help bring warmth to one’s surroundings. Seeing something beautiful in the midst of a down moment can help brighten their day. Another reason both flowers and plants make excellent sympathy gifts is because they can be sourced locally and arrive fresh.

Why Sympathy Flowers Make Beautiful Gifts

It is no surprise why flowers are a popular sympathy gift. Sympathy flowers come in a variety of arrangements, offering different sizes, base choices (vases, baskets, etc.), and distinctive flower types. Some choose flowers based on symbolism, for example lilies are often considered a symbol of renewal and carnations of love. One can choose a simple, elegant arrangement or something more colorful based on knowing the receiver.

Why Sympathy Plants Make Beautiful Gifts

There are many benefits to sending a sympathy plant. Plants tend to last more time than other gifts and not require a lot of maintenance to surround the family with warmth and support for longer. Although a beautiful floral arrangement makes a lovely wonderful gift for everyone, to some sympathy plants may be perceived as more gender neutral. While many people appreciate flowers, in some faiths sympathy flowers are not appropriate. Sympathy plants may be considered more acceptable to some.

Both plants and flowers are a meaningful and heartfelt way to express your condolences. Choosing to send a sympathy plant vs. sympathy flowers often is a matter of personal choice.


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