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The Learning Center provides information and guidance on a variety of topics including planning and coordinating a funeral to expressing condolences. It is designed to answer questions relating to grief, coping and loss and help you navigate the sensitive time of loss depending circumstances, religious traditions and more.

Expressing Condolences

Learn how to express condolences and provide help to someone after the loss of a loved one. Find articles and guidance on how to act, and what to say or write. LEARN MORE >>

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We have worked with grief specialists, social workers, psychologists, theologists and members of clergy to provide helpful advice and alternative viewpoints, appropriate for both secular and religious based individuals during a time of loss. In the Learning Center, you will find information on all aspects of planning for loss, mourning, and expressing condolences, including a more comprehensive explanation of grief and coping, the protocol following a death in the workplace or academic environment, suggestions on what to bring or send to a funeral or memorial service, and additional articles about mourning.

Each topic in the Learning Center presents a series of articles containing objective information and perspectives.

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