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We provide a comprehensive list of resources on death and mourning traditions, sympathy, bereavement and grief, compiled for businesses and organizations. helps reduce stress in the workplace for employees and employers following a death by providing guidance on burial and mourning customs and traditions, as an integrated resource to learn, plan and send to a mourning family.

What is the Corporate Resource Center?

The Corporate Resource Center is a free resource that answers company and employee questions regarding loss in the workplace. The center addresses a wide range of issues, such as mourning the loss of a co-worker, visiting a memorial gathering after the loss of an employee, and sending appropriate condolence items to those in mourning.

Who uses the Corporate Resource Center?

These bereavement resources can be of use to any type of company, regardless of size or policies. The resources are made available to employers for use in considering a bereavement policy, as well as to employees for guidance on death and mourning, and everything in between.

Why use features an easy-to-use learning center, planning center and store, providing employers and employees with qualified information on everything you need to know. The center also offers guidance on appropriate items to send, which can be purchased and delivered directly from

How do companies link to’s resources?

It is a simple step for the HR department or decision maker: If you have a corporate Intranet or general resource section of your internal website, simply provide a link to accompanied by a short blurb and the logo.

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