What to Bring or Send

When considering what to bring or send when expressing condolences to family, friends and co-workers it is important to consider that many religions and cultures have its’ own unique traditions and customs. Sympathy gifts are appropriate and generally considered a proper expression of condolences to those who are mourning. A gift of condolence basket and sympathy flowers offer support and comfort during a time of loss.

The Learning Center provides guidance, access to appropriate condolence gifts and answers to the most commonly asked questions including what is appropriate to bring or send to those in mourning? In this section, explore options, such as food baskets, condolence meals, sympathy flowers, or donations, on how to express sincere sympathies through gifts of condolence.

Gifts of Condolence

Sympathy gifts are an generally appropriate expression of condolence. It is considered a kind gesture...

Plant a Tree to Honor and Commemorate

Planting a tree in memory of a loved one is a time-honored tradition that is symbolic...

Sympathy Flowers

In many faiths and cultures, sending flowers to the funeral home or the home of those who have...

Sympathy Baskets and Food

Providing a mourner with food is a nice way to show your support. The purpose of sending food ...
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