Planting a tree is a beautiful living tribute to honor one’s memory. This beautiful, eco-friendly tradition of memorialization is an appropriate way to express condolences. Trees are both symbolic and physical representations of history and life. As the roots take hold in the ground and flourish, these trees facilitate in establishing and continuing a long, lasting legacy.

Eulogize and Memorialize Individuals by Planting a Tree

The tradition of planting a tree in memory of a loved one is a timeless and well respected custom that is sincere and genuine. Tributes are often given to honor and recognize various accomplishments, milestones, and rights of passage of one’s life. Following a loss, planting a tree to express condolences is an appropriate way to comfort grieving families during the mourning process.

The creation of a living legacy is powerful and embodied in the planting of trees. The significance of this form of legacy can best be observed by the fact that it spans many beliefs, faiths, and religions all recognizing that the earth and trees are an integral part of humankind. Forge the gift of life by planting a tree to honor the memory of those who came before us.

American Forests

Planting a Tree in American Forests creates a meaningful tribute.  Through local restoration projects, each tree planted honors the memory of loved ones and adds clear air and water for future generations. 

Tributes help plant trees on public lands in the areas of greatest needs and provide lasting benefits. Every tree planted removes one ton of carbon dioxide from the environment and supplies oxygen for two additional people. The shade trees help cool the earth.  By providing a home for wildlife, reforestation increases biodiversity and wildlife habits. 

Central to most green spaces, trees help create a sense of calm and serenity, serving to reduce stress and increase engagement. provides you with the ability to plant trees ‘in memory’ of individuals, along with helping to restore threatened ecosystems and beautify America. With each order, a certificate is emailed containing your personal condolence message. Honoring one’s memory through this living tribute helps set up future generations for success.

The Holy Land

Three of the world’s most significant religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism maintain a strong tie and connection to the land of Israel. This land is considered both a spiritual and religious home land for each religion. This ancient land is generally considered a birthplace, representing the beginning of humanity.

As the premier resource for mourning and condolences, has partnered with the leading tree planting organization dedicated to reforestation of the land of Israel, Jewish National Fund (“JNF”), to continue the tradition and legacy of planting trees in the holy land. Planting a tree in Israel is a thoughtful and environmentally conscious way to express condolences. provides you with the ability to plant trees ‘in memory’ of individuals, along with helping to green the Holy Land. With each order, a certificate is mailed to the recipient containing your personal condolence message. is exclusively committed to providing the most appropriate and well received sympathy gifts specializing in helping you send condolences to family members, friends and colleagues to memorialize and honor individuals.

Your Tribute Helps Green the Earth

Due to various forces of nature and humankind’s interventions nearly all of the world’s nations have experienced a net loss in their total number of trees this century. Fortunately, this can all be changed as demonstrated by the efforts to the greening American and the land of Israel. 

The planting of trees facilitates many known environmental advantages. In particular, trees reduce carbon emissions, clean the air, conserve water, provide habitat for wildlife, and improve soil conditions, all of which help to protect against climate change.

This tree planting initiative has vastly changed the Israel’s arid desert landscapes to that of vibrant park lands. In all, over 250 million trees have been planted on over 250,000 acres of land, generating over 240 reservoirs and dams, and founding more than 2,000 parks. These efforts have been focused on the following regions: the southern Hebron Hills, the mountainous slopes in the Galilee, the southern hills of the Negev, Be’er Sheva, and as well as for the beautification of urban areas and creation of recreational parks.