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At, our goal is to provide valuable, trusted information and services related to funeral, burial, and mourning traditions, customs and more.

Learning Center

The Learning Center contains answers to the most common questions about funerals, burials, and the rituals of mourning across religious tradition, along with further educational material and resources for those seeking deeper knowledge.

We work closely with clergy and respective professionals to create and validate each piece of information published on our site.

Planning Center

Here you will find businesses and resources ready to help you support or plan a memorial or gathering. Each business is vetted through a specific set of questions and criteria before being included on our site. In addition to our firsthand knowledge of each, we also rely on customer referrals and feedback to ensure a quality experience with these businesses so they can be relied upon during a time of need.

Our Commitment

We expect each vendor will continue to provide top-quality, reliable services and products along with superior customer service, or their participation on our site will be re-evaluated.

We believe that our customers honor us with their business.

We believe accurate and transparent information and services are the keys to creating and maintaining trust and value.

We encourage your feedback and take it very seriously. We then use that valuable information when evaluating and making decisions about which vendors to include on our site.


We offer step-by-step guidance to walk you through this difficult process. Whether you want to learn how to express condolences, need to plan the funeral services, or just want to send an appropriate sympathy gift, we can help.


Our targeted articles, blogs, and checklists offer emotional and logistical support for the many different circumstances you or those you care about may face during the grieving process.


Our inspirational poems and quotes can help provide encouragement and comfort when it is most needed.

Whether you are grieving or want to support someone who is, we are committed to providing easy-to-use, reliable services you can trust.


We stand by our products and vendors and want you to be 100% pleased with your purchase and shopping experience. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please email [email protected] along with your order number and the nature of the problem. We will contact you to process your refund.


We fully believe our customers' private and personal information should remain that way. We use best-in-class industry standards on privacy and security to ensure your transactions are safe and secure, and we will never share your credit card information.

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