Funeral Planning Services

Our complimentary and personal funeral catering services help families with the planning and coordinating of funeral meals. We help plan, organize and coordinate the details of a funeral meals at no charge.

How It Works assigns a funeral catering specialist who works step-by-step directly with the family to meet all needs and expectations for the meals, reducing the burden placed on the family during a time of loss.

A funeral catering specialist is available to the mourning family, their friends and the rest of the community to answer any questions and to coordinate the catering needs. and its team of specialists serve as the single resource for distributing information about the funeral, burial and visitation, collecting contributions, planning the food and service providers for the meals and handling disbursements to providers.

The family representative simply directs people to the personal FuneralPlan page, where family, friends and colleagues can find important information and contribute to the family.

Planning Services Offered

  • Personalized FuneralPlan Information and Planning
  • Custom Web Page to serve information and collect contributions
  • Serve as Single Point of Contact by Phone, Email or Custom Web Page
  • Funeral Food Service and Service Staff
  • Meal Coordination for family
  • Ordering and Coordinating Food / Caterers / Deli

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