Viewneral® Collaborative and Interactive Virtual Funerals

What is an eCondolence™ Viewneral® Service

The eCondolence™ Viewneral® is an interactive and collaborative funeral service that virtually allows families and friends to memorialize, eulogize, and celebrate loved ones. With the help of a funeral director, you plan the funeral, invite those who will participate in the service, and allow family and friends to attend virtually, communicate condolence requests and more. With the assistance of eCondolence™, family, friends and the community can now virtually attend any end-of-life event and help support families during your time of mourning.

How to Make Funeral Arrangements & Services

The funeral director will act as the Viewneral® producer and will assist you with making arrangements to create a heart-felt service. Like a traditional funeral, a Viewneral® has your chosen Officiator and eulogies are conducted remotely by family and friends that you choose. If you would like, other guests have the opportunity to speak as well. There are simple controls in place to ensure noise level and who is in attendance.

Up to 500 invited guests will receive an email invitation with a link to join the service and can use their current computers, tablets and mobile phones for secure access. Once they join, guests are asked for their name and email address, which will be privately maintained and can be provided to you following the service. Accessing the funeral service can be done by clicking on the link published on the funeral home website,™ or circulated privately. If the family also wants to show the burial, at the interment site the funeral director will continue the funeral service on the same link. Each funeral is recorded and can be shared. Hosts and family members are able to fully control access to the video and audio stream, provide access to only family, friends, and colleagues they select and control the volume and video that is displayed.

Family Support: Expressing Condolences, Appropriate Commemoration & Sympathy Gifts

The FuneralPlan™ is a personalized web-based page that displays all of the details regarding the funeral, pictures, desired aftercare or condolences in one centralized location to help make it easier for you. The FuneralPlan™ can easily and quickly be accessed from the funeral home website and and easily shared with family, friends, and colleagues who want to attend the Viewneral®, provide support or who want to honor loved ones. Through your personalized FuneralPlan™, friends and family also can leave messages during the funeral service similar to a guestbook, make direct monetary contributions, send same day meals and sympathy platters, along with an assortment of premium sympathy food baskets and commemorative products. You will receive a complete list of all individuals who have attended, and/or contributed together with their personal messages and return addresses.

Virtual Gatherings including Wakes, and Shivas

Gatherings, including, memorials, celebrations of life, wakes and shivas are now able to be attended by anyone, anywhere. All family members and friends can securely access the link directly from a FuneralPlan™ and the link can easily be shared via email and social media. Your guests can attend the wake or gathering remotely with real time, interactive access to provide grieving families comfort during their time of need. In addition, you can record the wake for viewers to watch on-demand.


For more information about having a Viewneral®, please contact your funeral director or at 877.362.3266.

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