Delivering a eulogy is an opportunity to honor the life of an important and loved individual. For some, standing in front of others, trying to find the perfect words may come with a sense of anxiety. 

Here are 3 tips for giving a eulogy:

  1. Prepare in advance. Take time to gather your thoughts. Write down anecdotes and memories of the person you are honoring. Rehearse your eulogy to help build your confidence and help the words flow more smoothly.

  2. Personalize the eulogy. Sharing memories highlight the person’s unique qualities. Telling a favorite brief story can help the best of a loved one’s personality shine through.

  3. Speak from the heart. Use natural and conversational tones to help connect to the mourners. Keep it short and simple, sharing meaningful stories and memories.

The main purpose of the eulogy is to honor the person who has passed away and give comfort to those who are grieving. Preparing and delivering heartfelt words will create a meaningful tribute.

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