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What 'To-Do' When Someone Dies

Religious backgrounds and observances are two of the strongest influences for the rituals of traditional funerals and the process of healing from grief. The foundations and traditions of various faiths lay the groundwork for preparations after the loss of a loved one.

What “To-Do” Immediately After Someone Dies

The loss of a loved one or friend is difficult. If you are the individual tasked with the re...

Important Actions to Take Prior to the Funeral

Soon after an individual has died, the family or person entrusted with the memorialization must...

The Necessary End-of-Life Legal & Financial Actions

When someone you care about passes away, there’s a heaviness of emotion that’s ofte...

Funeral Rule: Guidelines Governing Funeral Pricing

The Funeral Rule, which falls under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), provides guidelines and...

How to Budget for a Funeral and Understanding the Costs

The cost of a funeral with a burial is in line with other major purchases made throughout one's...
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