Enduring the loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging and painful experiences anyone can encounter. There is an expectation that we handle important, often complicated logistical issues that may worsen the grieving process. It is also challenging for friends and family to find appropriate ways to show their support during this time. Sensitivities are heightened for all involved, making it more difficult to find the best way to respond.

After experiencing the personal loss of grandparents and seeing friends confront loss in their own lives, the eCondolence.com team came to an important realization- there was no single resource on the web that provided trusted information on understanding grief and bereavement, or guidance on how to cope with loss and how to comfort loved ones who are mourning.

eCondolence was created to be that single resource.

The information and tools available on eCondolence seek to clarify the questions and offer reliable answers for those who are grieving or who want to help someone who is. eCondolence.com provides guidance on appropriate items to send and words to express condolences in a respectable and understanding way.

Whether you hope to learn more about grief and expressing condolence, need information on how to plan next steps or just want to send an appropriate gift or donation to show your support, it is the sincere hope of the eCondolence team that it be a source of guidance and encouragement when it is needed most.

eCondolence.com was designed with a wide audience of users in mind. We understand that visitors to the site come from different religious backgrounds and perspectives on faith. Our goal is to provide useful and reliable information that is easy to understand no matter what your religious perspective.

Our site is arranged around three topic areas: an educational Learning Center, a Planning Center, and a Condolence Store. For each area of the site we collaborate with qualified professionals to provide accurate information, guidance and services while also addressing the sensitive nature of our offerings.

Our educational Learning Center provides information about the mourning process, how to cope with loss, offering support to family and friends, and meaningful ways to honor the loved one’s memory. Information in the Learning Center is presented in a straightforward and factual manner.

eCondolence.com’s Planning Center helps with planning, participating in and making arrangements for different aspects involved in the death of a loved one, such as giving a eulogy or making the funeral arrangements.

Our Condolence Store provides only the best hand selected condolence items that are appropriate to send to the home of a mourning loved one. We are committed to forging relationships with trusted product and service providers throughout the country to help our visitors provide and send the appropriate support and comfort for their loved ones.