The Corporate Resource Center is a free resource that answers company and employee questions regarding loss in the workplace. Helpful articles and tools are divided to assist various groups found in the workplace: Employees & Clients, Managers & Supervisors and the Human Resources department. Whether it is a tragedy, natural causes or a traumatic event, the death of a co-worker, employee or supervisor creates discomfort and questions for all.

The Center addresses a wide range of issues, such as mourning the loss of a co-worker, how to express condolences to a client, as well as what condolence gifts are appropriate to send to those who are mourning.

Corporate Condolence Articles

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Employees & Clients

Articles and resources to assist employees during a period of loss in and outside the workplace.

Financial planning

Managers & Supervisors

Resources for managers and supervisors to use in order to assist employees during a time of grief.

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Human Resources

Guidelines for the Human Resources department on where to begin with bereavement policies and procedures for workplace tragedy response.