The Grief Support Center provides a carefully selected collection of articles, tools and resources to assist those experiencing grief, as well as their loved ones providing support. Learn how to handle the difficult process of grief, helpful coping strategies, and how to provide comfort for those who are grieving. Find useful tools and resources to locate a local grief center, along with guidance and answers for questions about grief and coping.

Grieving Individuals and Families

Grief & Coping

Each individual processes grief in a unique and personal way. The five Stages of Grief present an overview of several emotions that grieving individuals may encounter, but is not meant to be a complete list. Learn about grief…

Bereavement & Loss

The length of time that grief lasts may vary, and is dependent upon many factors, including the circumstances surrounding the death and the type of loss. Read Types of Loss…


Managing grief and stress after a loss can be a difficult process, but certain coping strategies may be helpful. Learning new ways to cope can be a good step towards recovery. Find articles on coping…

Comforters and Supporters


Finding the right words to express condolences and knowing the appropriate way to offer sympathy to a family member, friend or colleague after the loss of a loved one can be challenging. Learn more about expressing condolences…

Fruit Basket

A thoughtful and heartfelt gift of condolence and sympathy offers support and encouragement for individuals that are grieving the loss of a loved one. Suggestions for what to bring or send… 


Understanding grief and what it means to cope are often important first steps to providing comfort and support to someone in mourning that is grieving. Read about grief and coping…

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what sympathy gifts are appropriate to send? It is not an easy task to know how to comfort a friend, colleague, or family member after they have experienced a loss. It is common to struggle with the questions of knowing what to say, when to say it, or how to say it. Often, individuals interested in offering something to the family to send a traditional or special gift to the home. Read More…
  • Why do I always feel worse during the holidays? For most families the season of the holidays is a time for celebration and joy. But when tragedy and loss have occurred, the holidays can be a painful spotlight of the loss and emptiness that the family is experiencing. The prospect of facing the holidays without the loved one can be an intense source of stress and anxiety. Read More…

Find a Grief Center

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Finding the right grief center or camp after the loss of a loved one can be a sensitive and overwhelming process. Visit the Grief Center Directory to find one that meets your geographic needs.

Find a Grief Center

Additional Resources & Tools

The Corporate Resource Center is a free resource that answers company and employee questions regarding loss in the workplace. Whether it is a tragedy, natural causes or a traumatic event, the death of a co-worker, employee or supervisor creates discomfort and questions for all. Visit the Corporate Resource Center
The Academic Resource Center compiles articles on grief, loss and coping from a student, school teacher and administrator’s perspective in one easy-to-use reference tool. Find guidelines and other useful resources to assist in the response to loss in an academic setting. Visit the Academic Resource Center

Find Books that Help You Cope with Grief


Good Grief
Granger Westberg

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On Death & Dying
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child
The Dougy Center Staff


Gone But Not Lost
David W. Wiersbe