When loss happens, knowing what to do next can be difficult. Find articles, tools and guides to help you learn about grief and coping, understand the effects of loss and appropriately express condolences.


What to Say

Finding the right words to express sorrow may feel like an insurmountable task. There are some common expressions that may help.

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How to Act

Questioning how to act is one of the most commonly asked questions when facing a loss. There are many things you can do.

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When to Listen

There are many times where listening may be the best thing to do for a family member, friend or colleague that has lost a loved one.

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Grief & Coping


The loss of a child is a devastating experience. Find some support through these thoughtful articles.

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Losing someone you care about deeply is a stressful, painful experience. The more valued the person, the more intense the grief will be.

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Though all of us grieve differently, certain threads of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are present and lead to healing.

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Bereavement is the period of time of grief and mourning for the loss of a significant person in your life.

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Words of Sympathy

Words of Sympathy: Inspiration & Comfort for Times of Loss

Knowing just what to say can be extremely difficult. Each situation is different and finding the right words is important.

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Loss in the Workplace

Whether it is a tragedy, natural causes or a traumatic event the death of a co-worker, employee or supervisor creates discomfort and questions for all. Understanding how to act and what to do generally helps.

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