GriefDesk offers several affordable, customizable options to help your organization with outreach, engagement and client support. Content rights to our comprehensive articles, and tools on grief, coping, bereavement and loss allows you and your staff to instantly provide the right resource at the right time.

Basic Package

  • Access and rights to reproduce content online and in print
  • Branded web-based portal designed to serve caregivers, family members, friends and loved ones. Choose specific topic areas to highlight including:
    – Understanding grief
    – Understanding the coping process
    – Guidance for planning a funeral, memorial service, burial arrangements, etc.
    – Access to a Grief Center Directory
    – Help in understanding and sending appropriate condolence gifts

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  • Dedicated toll-free helpline and email address to assist your clients
  • Information on how to honor and commemorate the loss of a friend or loved one

Enhanced Package

Enhanced Bereavement Communications to support families and fulfill CMS Hospice bereavement requirements

  • All services included above
  • Custom branded sympathy card
  • Four custom branded e-newsletters/printed newsletter
    – Support families through stages of grief and recognize events that my trigger feelings of loss. Newsletters include expert articles addressing grief and loss
    – Fulfill bereavement outreach requirements
  • Templates for messaging to employees
  • Organization branded bereavement notice templates
  • Organization branded sympathy card templates

Advanced Package

Full Scale Engagement Campaign with customizable options designed to increase client loyalty and donations.

  • Life story package to give to families at time of diagnosis or admission
  • Customizable communication during time on service may include articles, resources or additional planning tools
  • Sympathy card at time of death with information on honoring a loved one (Memorial candles, bag of thyme, or custom certificate for planting trees in memorial)
  • Timely ongoing communication commemorating specific milestones including yearly anniversary
  • Quarterly bereavement newsletters

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