Expert Guidance to Manage Workplace Loss

All companies face loss in the workplace, whether it is a co-worker, client, or family member. Appropriately managing loss, by providing your organization with the proper tools, is an essential benefit to supervisors, employees, and customers. GriefDesk is an easily accessible, 100% web-based resource with articles, tools and resources to help guide those experiencing grief. Through your custom branded portal, provide your organization with access to hundreds of articles specifically penned to aide management, human resources, and staff.

Support and Education for Your Staff

Healthcare employees often find themselves as support for a patient’s family and friends. Ongoing education to ensure staff members are comfortable offering condolences and guidance, can be expensive. GriefDesk gives you access and rights to expert articles and resources to add to your orientation or educational offerings.
GriefDesk Employees

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GriefDesk, is the premier source for information relating to grief, mourning, and loss. An easy-to-use resource to help professionals, administrators, and staff handle the loss of clients, colleagues, and their family members with professionalism and respect.