Washington Funeral Home Directory

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Washington Funeral Homes


Cook Family Funeral Home

163 Wyatt Way NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

The Cook family has been providing trusted funeral services for more than 20 years and is honored to be the owners of Cook Family Funeral Home on Bainbridge Island – continuing the funeral home’s tradition of being a family owned and operated business. The funeral home was established in the 1940’s. From the Owyens, the Hess’ and the Kass’ families and now to David and Doreen Cook and family, service with the family touch continues.


Evergreen Washelli

11111 Aurora Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98133

At Evergreen Washelli, they are focused on delivering compassionate funeral services for families in Seattle, WA, Bothell, WA, and the nearby areas. As one of the most trusted funeral homes, Evergreen Washelli offers a network of support and the comprehensive guidance needed during this difficult time.

Hamilton-Mylan Funeral Home, Inc.

302 W 11th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Hamilton-Mylan Funeral Home is a funeral home with a long tradition of helping families from the greater Vancouver area in their time of need. Hamilton-Mylan has been in business at their current location since 1917.

Kern Funeral Home

1122 S 3rd Street
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Kern Funeral Home is family owned and operated and has been serving Mount Vernon, La Conner and greater Skagit County since 1913.  Three generations and a knowledgeable staff are on site to provide guidance and planning for your loved ones in a caring and professional setting.

Riplinger Funeral Home & Crematory

4305 N Division Street
Spokane, WA 99207

Riplinger’s began serving the Spokane community in 1953 and today remains committed to being there when needed. A thoughtful friend of the family, Riplinger’s continues to be owned and operated by family who have felt the numbness of loss and the need for a friend.