Below are tools and resources for planning and coordinating following the loss of a loved one. These practical checklists, tools and guides will help to guide you through the most common situations that occur during such a time of loss.

Corporate Resource Center


The Corporate Resource Center is a free resource that answers company and employee questions regarding loss in the workplace. Whether it is a tragedy, natural causes or a traumatic event, the death of a co-worker, employee or supervisor creates discomfort and questions for all.

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Academic Resource Center


The Academic Resource Center compiles articles on grief, loss and coping from a student, school teacher and administrator’s perspective in one easy-to-use reference tool. Find guidelines and other useful resources to assist in the response to loss in an academic setting.

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Using a Checklist can help you stay organized and remember all of the critical details when planning and coordinating a funeral, burial, and memorial. The Essentials, offer step-by-step guidance on how to use the specific Checklist.

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Finding an appropriate funeral home to handle the memorial service and burial can be a sensitive and overwhelming process. View our directory for suggested locations or begin by reading about important factors in choosing a funeral home.
Choosing a Funeral Home
Finding the right grief or bereavement center, or a grief camp for your child, after the loss of a loved one can be a sensitive and difficult process. Visit our directory for suggestions or learn about choosing a grief center.
Choosing a Grief Center

LOOKING FOR A FUNERAL HOME? Find one near you in the Funeral Home Directory.

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Leave a Legacy, Not a Mess

An Everplan is a secure, digital archive of everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you. Store and share wills, digital accounts, funeral wishes, and more in your personal Everplan.

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