Using a Checklist can help you stay organized and remember all of the critical details when planning and coordinating a funeral, burial, and memorial. The Essentials, offer step-by-step guidance on how to use the specific Checklist. Below are Checklists  and related Essentials to guide you through the most common situations that occur during a time of loss.


Pre-Planning for a Funeral

Pre-planning the details of your funeral is a compassionate way to ease the burden for your family. Like a Will, it shows you are caring for their future. Pre-Planning Checklist Pre-Planning Essential

Planning for Loss

Planning Your Own Funeral

Planning your own service, you can take part of the stress off of your family at a very difficult time. It will help family celebrate your life in exactly the way you would wish. Personal Plan Checklist Personal Plan Essential

Planning a Funeral

Planning a Funeral

Planning the funeral of a loved one is a stressful, painful process. Knowing what decisions have to be made can help ease the burden during this difficult time for the family. Funeral Checklist Funeral Essential

Planning a Burial

Preparing for a Burial

If a family choses a burial for the final resting of the deceased, there are many options  available by licensed care providers. Preparing for a burial can seem overwhelming, a systematic approach for organizing the decisions can be helpful. Burial Checklist Burial Essentials

Catholic Funeral Checklist

Planning a Roman Catholic Funeral

A Roman Catholic funeral is generally conducted by a representative of the church, but the family plays a major role in planning and presenting the service.  Planning a Catholic Funeral Service begins immediately following the passing. Catholic Checklist Catholic Essential

Christian Funeral Checklist

Protestant Christian Funeral

Protestants are non-Catholic Christians who are members of denominations including Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians and Baptists. Each Protestant denomination will have its own traditions and practices for the funeral service. Protestant Checklist Protestant Essentials


Planning a Memorial

Memorial services include many of the same things as funerals, but are a focused time to pay tribute, remember and honor the deceased. Memorial Checklist Memorial Essential

Checklist for a Wake

Planning a Wake

Wakes or visitations are events when time is set aside before the funeral service for friends and family to gather to offer condolences and support.

Wake ChecklistWake Essential

Shiva Checklist

Planning a Jewish Shiva

Jewish burial and sitting shiva can be a meticulous task. For a comprehensive resource on  shiva and Jewish mourning, visit Shiva Checklist Shiva Essential


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