1. to deal with and attempt to overcome problems and difficulties; often used with with

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Synonyms.  confront, endure, get by, grapple, handle, suffer, survive, wrestle, buffet, deal, dispatch, encounter, face, hack, struggle, tangle, tussle, weather.

Other Related Words. death, grief, loss, mourning, misplacement

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Coping is spending a conscious effort to handle personal and interpersonal problems minimizing their levels of stress and conflict. The tools that are used to accomplish this task are often called “coping skills” or “coping tools.” With regard to the death of a loved one, one speaks of the ability to cope with – deal with – the effects and consequences of the loss.

People tend to cope with the problem by focusing either on the problem or the emotional response to the problem. Problem-focused strategies is a coping behavior that attempts to reduce or eliminate the cause of stress. Emotion-focused strategies often are directed towards changing one’s own emotional response to the problem.

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